Below is a list of the staff currently employed at the school with a brief summary of their main responsibilities;

Mrs. A. D. Best-White:
Executive Headteacher
Executive Headteacher of the Nebula Federation

School administration, finance and premises;
Staff Development and Performance Management;
Responsible for Standards and School Improvement
Professional relationships with the Local Education Authority, the Norwich Diocese, School Governors and all other outside agencies, parents and the local community.

Mrs. N. Pellatt:
Executive Deputy Headteacher
Executive Deputy Headteacher of the Nebula Federation – School Improvement

Management of Old Catton and White Woman Lane Federation
Professional Development Leader
Leader of Assessment and Tracking of pupil progress
Leader of Physical Educational Opportunities

Mr D. Richmond:
Head of School

Responsible for the day to day management of the school
Responsible for standards across the school
Pupil Behaviour
Subject Leader for mathematics
Infant to junior transfer
Junior to high transfer
End of KS2 Assessment
Lunchtime behaviour and management of MSA’s

Mrs R. Quiles-Richmond:
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Teacher in Y3/4

Mrs T. Harewood:
Senior Teacher – (Maternity Leave)

Teaching and Learning Leader
Monitoring pupil behaviour
Subject Leader for English

Mr. R. Queensborough:
Class Teacher Year 6

Subject Leader for STEM and Computing (ICT)


Mrs A. Semmens-Byrne:
Class Teacher Year 6

Subject Leader for Science

Mrs H Shand:
Senior Teacher Year 6

Teaching and Learning Leader
Subject Leader for English
ReadWriteInc Manager
Monitoring pupil behaviour

Mr. S. Dunn:
Class Teacher Year 5

Subject Leader for History

Mrs A Lee:
Class Teacher Year 5

Subject Leader for Art

Miss A Wallen
Class Teacher Year 5

Miss L. Bowden:
Teacher Years 5/6

Subject Leader for MFL

Mr M. Reeve:
Class Teacher Year 4

Subject Leader for Music
Coordinator for the choir and instrumental lessons

Miss A. Coe:
Class Teacher Year 4

Subject Leader for PSHE

Mr. M. Gibson:
Senior Teacher – Class Teacher Year 4

Teaching and Learning Leader
Monitoring pupil behaviour
Subject Leader for Physical Education including the development of extra-curricular activities and opportunities

Mr J. Savage:
Class Teacher Year 3

Subject Leader for RE and Geography

Mrs E. Peck:
Class Teacher Year 3

Responsible for developing the School Council
Leader for DT

Miss H. Couzens
Class Teacher Year 3

Miss N Delidjani:

Responsible for the Library

Mrs. E. Williams:

P.E. and Games

Mrs. K. Woodhouse:

Responsible for Children’s University

Support Staff:

Mrs. L. Seago Teaching Assistant

Mrs. S. Wagstaff Teaching Assistant

Mrs. P. Howard Teaching Assistant

Mr. C. Peberday Teaching Assistant

Mrs. S. Starkings Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Peck Teaching Assistant

Mrs. S. Dimas Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Pye Teaching Assistant

Mrs. K. Alexander Teaching Assistant

Mrs H. Plane Teaching Assistant

Miss R Gill Teaching Assistant

Mrs. S. Johnson Teaching Assistant

Mrs. M. Wicks Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Fiddy Play Therapist

Mrs J Gray Teaching Assistant

Mr A. Butcher Minibus Driver
Mrs K. Pye Librarian

Mrs N. Brown Pastoral Manager 

Miss A. Stackwood Pastoral Assistant

School Secretaries:

Mrs. K. Read

Mrs. A. Dickerson

Caretaking and Cleaning:

Mr. M. Smith Federation Caretaker

Mrs. L. Hall Cleaner

Mrs. J. Ferguson Cleaner

Mrs. F. Brown Cleaner


Mrs. C. Smith Cook

Mrs K. Cane Kitchen Assistant

Mrs. F. Brown Kitchen Assistant

Midday Supervisory Assistants:

Mrs. K. Alexander

Mrs. M. Cook

Mrs A. Dickerson

Mrs. S. Wagstaff

Mrs S Johnson

Mrs H. Plane

Mr. C. Peberday

Miss R Gill

Crossing Patrol:

Mrs. P. Golder